Assassins of Memory

political and legal problems of uncovering,
whitewashing and rewriting history

November 19, 2021

Polish Academy of Sciences
Scientific Centre in Vienna

Law and memory

About project

Law and Memory is the project of Polish Academy of Sciences Scientific Centre in Vienna. Both law and memory are important components of understanding the legal solutions to the problem of politics of memory in the broader context of world politics. As part of the project, the PAS in Vienna aims to disseminate research on important legal and political issues from the point of view of the various parties involved in the discussion of memory policy.

Our actions

As part of the project, we organize conferences, lectures and conduct research on the politics of memory, historical truth and judicial practice regarding the memory of crimes committed during World War II.

Latest events:

– Conference: Juridification of history – between collective memory, historiography and politics of memory – December 18, 2020

[email protected] Paper, prof. Arkadiusz Radwan, “Między negacjonizmem a dyfamacją. Ustawodawca jako moderator dyskusji o przeszłości” (Between historical negationism and defamation. Legislator as a moderator of the discussion on the past)

“Prawda historyczna a odpowiedzialność prawna za jej negowanie lub zniekształcanie” (Historical truth and legal responsibility for its negation or distortion), ed. Arkadiusz Radwan, Marcin Berent

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